BREAKING : Obama Just Hired OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson, murderer, will get out of jail sometime after October 1st because we can’t seem to keep people who nearly behead their ex-wives in a fit of rage in jail these days. He won’t just walk away a free man at 70, he’ll walk straight into the world of politics and use his “experience” as a guide for young voters.

Say What? A guide for who? Who in their right mind would put a man who literally got away with murder in such a seat of power? None other than Barack Hussein Obama the traitor. The office at his new company, NOS Inc, responded to the report with a statement from Obama himself:

“Mr. Simpson is a living, breathing example of why black men should fear the system and police. He was convicted for getting his own stuff and he never touched a gun. In that same situation, a white man would have either gone feree or been given a slap on the wrist Mr. Simpson did nine years because odf the color of his skin.”

Simpson will be “Director of Inner City Youth Voter Outreach” at the ex-president’s company. NOS Inc, or “Novus Ordo Seclorum Incorporated,” is a “think tank” with a private security army of nearly 10,000 retired soldiers-turned-mercenary and an arsenal of small arms and armored vehicles worth nearly a billion dollars.

Simpson is walking into a cushy spot for the rest of his life. Looks like criminals take care of their own.

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