Just In : Obama Just Applied For A New Business License

Former President Barack Obama is now officially the principal owner, president and CEO of NOS Inc, a “private security firm” he has been building with government grants he pushed through as President. The company has a mission statement that says it will “protect and defend the people of the United States against tyranny and dictatorship whether initiated here at home or abroad.”


Clearly that’s some kind of message to President Trump that Obama is helping to lead the charge of fake news and fake charges and fake everything else so the dwindling number of people who they think care will keep shouting “Impeach Trump” in between coloring book sessions.


The name of the company, “NOS,” stands for “Novus Ordo Seclorum” or “New Order of the World.”


Obama is also looking at being investigated for creating a virtual army on American soil with government money it was clearly a conflict of interest for him to take. His best hope is to rally the welfare losers and drain the inner city of the gang thugs who worship him and try to lay siege to DC. It would be fun to watch on the monument cams as they are churned into butter by the United States military.

President Trump has already had a plan in place for months to deal with the Obama “threat.” He has an order pending to suspend posse comitatus and use the army if necessary but under that same statute, the Navy, which includes the United States Marine Corps, is at President Trump’s disposal.

These are interesting times indeed. The America that survives this transition to greatness will rule the world for 10K years.


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