NEWS BOMBSHELL: Dem Plot to STEAL 2018 Election Just Uncovered. Spread This EVERYWHERE.

The Democrats, especially Hillary and the close ones to her have been trying to sabotage and make up lies about Trump and his administration.

What they were planning next is just disturbing and UN-American.

They need to be ashamed of what they were planning on doing.

Fox News  reported that 21 cities in America, most of the “sanctuary cities” are planning on bringing around 1 million immigrants legally in 2017 and at the start of 2018. Their plan is to get enough people legalized and to vote against our President Trump and everything that the Republicans are trying to do.

Well if the Left thinks they have it easy, it is not going to get pass us just like that. We already know that there are a couple millions of illegals that were allowed to vote in the last Popular vote.

You can already imagine that the most populated states with Democrats like New York and California. Including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Dallas just to name some, according to Angry Patriot Movement.

This project is named Naturalize Now. It is an organization created for the protection of the illegal immigrants and they are trying to save them from being deported. Well there is one problem that they may not know. They can not be in our country under the Federal Law. It doesn’t matter how much they think that they can just get past this law and disappear, it won’t happen.

It is just sad to see that the immigrants have more protection by the Democrats than our American patriots. There is a process that they have to go through if they want to come here legally and they are welcomed to do so if they will respect our nation and laws.

Almost all the illegal immigrants boost our crime rates, take welfare and then they claim to be the victim should be deported right away. Our people come first before any ILLEGALS! How can the Democrats support this sick thing?

The crazy mayor from Los Angeles said:

“We celebrate our independence on July 4, and honor the values of freedom, justice, unity, and equality that makes us who we are,” our source reports.

Do they understand that everything that the illegal immigrants do is cause trouble and hurt our country in a very bad way. The immigrants that come here legally and go through the process are more than welcomed to enter our country. As long as they respect our laws.

The bills were passed in order to deal with this illegal immigrants. Kate’s Law was passed in order to punish the ones who are trying to come back to America after being deported. And the second bill is the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, and this law blocks federal grants to sanctuary cities that go against our laws.

We need to stop this right now! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Featured Image Source. H/T Angry Patriot Movement.

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1 Comment


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