Judge Jeanine And Tomi Lahren Work Together To DESTROY Liberals In EPIC Video!

When two notables like Judge Jeanine Pirro and Tomi Lahren get together, you know it’s going to be a good time. On Justice with Judge Jeanine, the two got warmed up and stayed on fire during the entire conversation.

The dynamic duo came to the conclusion that Democrats seem to WANT us to go to war with Russia. According to Fox NewsLahren concludes the reason is, “because John Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t protect their emails.” Tomi, like always, is spot on, but it goes deeper than that.

Big surprise, but the Left refused to see ANYTHING good coming out of the meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin at the G20 summit. Instead, the mainstream media harped on how long the meeting took, their body language, and Trump’s motives when he tweeted that he asked Putin whether there was meddling with the election — though we already know the answer to THAT question.

If we have learned anything from the mainstream media over the past year or so, it is that they LOVE faking news and exaggerating stories. We shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to discover that the BIG topic is hand movements while the two presidents talk — instead of, you know, covering REAL news.

While Lahren and Pirro were talking, the Judge brought up a fantastic point. She stated, “There’s starting to be less and less talk about the Russian collusion because they’re going to look like fools at the end.”

CNN was already thrown under the bus after multiple interviews with an undercover reporter from American Pravda was exposed. There were all kinds of vile information contained in these tapes.

We heard a top producer on CNN say that the only reason they were covering the Russia story was that it gave them good ratings. On another occasion, Van Jones seemed to confirm this as true by saying that Russia was a big “Nothingburger.”

There was even a tape where another CNN producer stated that the voters are moronic — for lack of a better word. These people have NO respect for us, our Republic, or our president. There is a reason why the talk of Russia is coming down significantly.

The Democrats know that we are on to their plan to try and overthrow President Trump by any means possible. It is interesting because we are at a deadlock of sorts. They can’t quit hating on him because if they do, it means they would have to accept the election results. On the other hand, if they keep fighting, they are going to look like complete idiots when the truth is exposed.

Their way of meeting in the middle is by trash talking, but now it is toned down a little bit. We have a hunch that it is going to pick up again though. Despite looking stupid, they just cannot help themselves. If the Dems want to continue to look like fools, we will gladly sit around and laugh at them while proving them wrong at every turn.

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